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International Maritime Organsation (IMO) Symbols.
All signs concerning the location of emergency equipment, assembly and embarkation stations, are to be used in accordance with SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea). The regulations that are composed by the IMO.

SOLAS Regulation 9.2.2 Chapter III, requires signs to be easily seen under emergency lighting conditions. Furthermore, Regulation 9.2.3 requires the symbols
used to identify safety and life-saving equipment to be in accordance with Resolution A.603 (15) of SOLAS. All SYTEMTEXT EUROPE signs are in accordance with this resolution.

IMO Symbol signs with text help to train people on-the-spot. Of course this does not exempt crew to train their people on how to properly use the equipment.

Normal condition After power failure

Photo-luminescent IMO Symbols

International Maritime Organisation
Regulation 8
Assembly list and emergency Instructions

Clear instructions to be followed in the event of an emergency must be provided to every person on board a ship. The instructions have to be available in the language or languages required by the ship flag state and in the English language.

Photo-luminescent IMO Symbols

We can deliver all kind mimic signs for crew and passengers

Multi-language Embarkation signs
Multi-language Assembly signs

Photo-luminescent Direction signs
IMO Resolution A 654 Chapter II-1: Regulation 28 and 28-1

On ships escape routes must be provided from every space that is normally occupied to an assembly station. These escape routes must be arranged in a way that they provide the most direct route possible to the assembly station, and must be marked according to the recommendations of the IMO Organisation (A 760 (18) and ISO 3864).

Photo-luminescent IMO Symbols


Photo-luminescent IMO Symbols

Watertight doors Escape hatches Cabin numbers